Rubén Notario

Colored Keys

September 2021 - February 2022

This is my first big project with unreal.

Althouht i’m a programmer, i dedicated much effort in visuals. I loved to create the landscapes, fullfith them with vegetation, and all the world building. Lighting and post processing was also an important part for me.

I also dedicated some time in the animation (anim blueprints, blendspaces, montages,  etc).

Other aspects of the game are simpler, like the IA driven by behaveour trees, or the UI, SFX, VFX, cinematics, etc. A bunch of areas to cover for just one person maybe, but it was an enriching challenge. 

The programming with blueprints works, but obbiously is so improvable due the experience i had at that moment. I used some imprtant and usefull elements and concepts like components (for stats), interfaces (for interactions), inheritance (for enemies) and event dispatchers to communicate from actors to level blueprint.

Graphs & Inside Editor Views

I created a custom collider blueprint actor with some options for multiples situations, and even a text that explains what the collider is trigering.

This custom collider was my main tool for the level scripting, trigering most of events.

This is the anim blendspace of the player movement, works for blend differents animations smoothly, for example from idle to walk.

In this case there are 8 directions with 2 speeds each one.

Here we can see all the differents states of the locomotion state machine. Actually there are some states not related to the locomotion, but i found it the easiest and fastest wey to perforrm what i wanted.

All the water of this project is working with the water system from unreal engine, currently in beta yet. Includes a bouyancy system.

Is used for example in fortnite.

Here is visible the buoyancy configuration of this ship. The red arrows  serves to show where the buoyancy points are.

Here we can see some of the routes of the NPCs from the town. I created a blueprint with a spline component, the NPCs follows the points of that spline.

All of these enemies are in fact the same enemy, but changing their stats and weapons. All the enemies are childs of a parent class.

All the animations hat to be retarget from the UE4 mannequin to the synty characters skeleton, wich only have 3 fingers.

Besides, skeletons posture were different so i had to change the posture manually.

Was a bit tricky to achieve good results from ther retargeting.

Here is where i used to test the mechanics before implement them into a level.